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08 Jun

We’re Bringin’ the Inside, OUT

New Adult Program Progression Begins July 5

July 5–Aug 15 (6 WEEKS)

Come Play Outside!

Covid has affected everyone’s mental and physical health, wellness and performance, so this year we are turning things Inside Out!

Since we still can’t bring you inside, we’ll bring the inside to you, outside with the coaching and programming you love and even more opportunities for athletic movement and development! It is the perfect time to get moving again as we kickoff our first (and hopefully last) Inside Out Pandemic Performance Program.  

Sure, it might be in a parking lot but in the words of the great Patches O’Houlihan, “If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball.” *please note no cars (or wrenches) will be dodged during this program

Our Virtual adult fitness & small group programs having been humming along well throughout the pandemic but everyone is keen to bring back some social together-ing while we maintain our physical distancing.

During Phase 1 we will continue with our current Live Virtual and On-Demand programs and begin to phase in the outdoor training option as we assess demand for in-person vs. virtual training. Outdoor programs will be confirmed based on registration and confirmation of groups. Groups size is still limited to 10 during Stage 1 so space is limited.

Initial Outdoor Options: all sessions will take place on the North side of Move365 (unless otherwise noted). Everyone will still need to check in for attendance and Covid screening. Masks are still mandatory for exercise in Stage 1. Classes are weather dependent but will go in light right but be cancelled or shift to virtual in the case of extreme weather. We will make a decision on this based on forecast the night before when possible.

As soon as we are able to come inside and expand our program schedule we will; although we may still sneak outside for some Vitamin D as well.

  • Stage 1 sessions
  • Thursday 6am, 9:15am
  • Saturday 9:15am
  • Ongoing Thursday & Saturday until we move to stage 2
  • Price – $20\session*
  • *Price will be prorated into current Virtual billing and/or credit from previous in-person classes can be used here as well.
New Adult Program Progression Begins July 5th
Adult Inside Out Program Schedule

Still not ready to come outside and play? Let our coaches come to you with at home Virtual workouts or our customized Move365 Online Training APP!

Virtual Move365

We recognize that not everyone is ready to come back. People are working on completely different schedules, and many have set up pretty sweet home gyms over the last 6 months. This also means many prefer to continue some/all of their workouts at home for the foreseeable future. We have been evolving and growing in this new frontier, and are excited to have at home, virtual training options available with both LIVE and On-Demand options (recorded from the live classes), including access to all previous virtual classes.

LIVE Virtual @home classes – Available every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning at 9:15am and\or Tues\\Fri at 6am *The Thurs Virtual class will now be outside – weather permitting

On-Demand Virtual Classes – available, well, on-demand!

Virtual Class Pricing


  • 3x/week = $150/month
  • “Drop-In” $15/class
  • *Prices do not include HST

VIRTUAL ON-DEMAND CLASSES – $50/month *Prices do not include HST

Bundle both Live and On-Demand Virtual sessions for only $175 + HST (Save $25)

All of our Adult small group programs place an emphasis on coaching movement, strength, overall fitness & athleticism based on age, experience, and athletic goals. We strive to help each person learn, and excel in a fun, challenging small group environment.

New to Move365? We make it easy to start moving everyday with your First Week FREE! Applies to on-site, outdoor, Live & On-Demand Virtual Classes

Get Your Family moving with a 10% Discount for 2 or more

Want to be sure we are serious enough for you? Book a complimentary 1-on-1 session

Please CONTACT US us to register or for more details.

Virtual LIVE!

21 Jul

Congratulations Durham Region, we made it. Phase 3 is here!

Now, that being said, let’s not get overly excited. There is still work to do to keep this virus at bay but in the meantime, we have the green light to get our programs rolling for everyone and help all of our Move365 community get back to focusing on their health, fitness and performance.

As with the rest of the world, everything is different. This includes how we are doing things here at Move365. Rather than running our regular programs we are going to ease into everything carefully, for the sake of our team and for each of you. Introducing the Move365 Don’t Call it a Comeback, Camps for adults and youth.

6 Week Camp Program Aug 4-Sept 13

Please see below for full details on our Adult & Youth Don’t Call it a Comeback, Camps! But before we outline the details, here are a few updates on what to expect at move365 when you come back.

Move365 is Not a Gym

We don’t expect everyone to be back to full go right away so you can expect the coaches will be easing everyone back in to their programs based on where they/you need to be.

Clean up on aisle 6!

In accordance with regulations and with what we feel offers the best standards for health and safety, your experience at Move365 will include the following changes:

  • Enter through the front door at 104 Byron Street
  • Sanitize hands
  • Face coverings must be worn in the entrance and common areas (but not in training centre once you can ensure physical distance)
  • Check in at the front desk includes health screening & temperature check each day
  • One way traffic flow through main hall to training area
  • The downstairs area, washrooms and showers will be OPEN for Phase 3 however only one way traffic on the stairs and maintain physical distance in dressing room area
  • Maximum Small Group sizes of 8
  • Make you way to your station/rack of choice and wait for coach instructions
  • Manage all equipment you need and keep at your station until end of session
  • Move. Lift. Learn. Get better!
  • Clean all equipment used
  • Celebrate with virtual High 5s
  • Exit through side door only
Training Station space is 11+ feet between each person

Don’t Call it a COMEBACK, CAMP!

We have had great success with our athlete groups over the past few weeks and are hoping to hit the ground running for all of our adult and youth groups as everyone feels ready to get rolling. We will be offering a modified schedule of our usual classes for adults and youth as well as new Virtual Live classes for those who are not ready to head inside.

Virtual Move365

Throughout the shutdown Coach Michelle kept everyone moving with free, live Instagram workouts and we tried to keep everyone informed and active through our social media platforms as well a our Move365 Online Training App. As we evolve into this new frontier, we recognize that not everyone is ready to come back to inside. People are working on completely different schedules, they do not have child care available, and many have set up pretty sweet home gyms over the last 6 months. This also means many prefer to continue some/all of their workouts at home for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind we will have a menu of Virtual Coaching and Training Options including Virtual Live Classes (starting with 3x per week), On-demand Virtual Classes (recorded from the live classes), including access to all previous virtual classes, and ongoing training options from our Move365 Online app.

The Virtual Live Classes Schedule will begin the week of Aug 3 as part of our 6 week Comeback Camp!

Don’t Call it a Comeback, Camp

Aug 4-Sept 13

Adult Small Group Programs

The 6 Week Comeback Camp will take you through a coached progression of our core foundational adult classes as we work to help get everyone moving well again, every day. Please see below for the weekly schedule overview or visit our ADULT PROGRAMS PAGE for full class descriptions.

6 week Adult Camp Fees   

@Move365 Small Group Sessions    

2x/week $299   3x/week   $350

Virtual Live Classes (Only)

              2x/week $180 3x/week $225

On-Demand Only                        $75

Comeback Combo (all access)   $475

*Prices do not include HST

Adult Comeback Camp Schedule Grid


Youth Small Group Programs

The 6 Week Comeback Camp will take each kid through a coached progression  of our core foundational youth classes based on their age, experience, and athletic goals in order to help them learn to move better, understand proper mechanics of movement and give them a fun, challenging experience that will hopefully lead to a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness and perform better in their sport and/or in their daily life. Please see below for the weekly schedule overview or visit our YOUTH PROGRAMS PAGE for full class descriptions and youth development philosophy.

Don’t Call it a Comeback, Camp Aug 4-Sept 13

Youth Small Group Programs 6 week Comeback Camp        

Fundamental Development 60 min (ages 10-11)

2x/week $240

Essential Development 60min (ages 12-13)   

2x/week $240     3x/week $270

Advanced Athletic Development 75m (age 14-17)       

2x/week $300                 3x/ week $375

*Prices do not include HST

Youth Comeback Camp Schedule Grid

We could not be more excited to be back coaching and helping all of our Move365 community get moving.

If you have any questions or would like to register for any of the Comeback Camp options, please give s a call at 905-217-0664 or email jeff@move365.ca


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