Holiday Camps Dec 23-Jan 5; Winter Session Jan 6 - April 5th

Don’t Call it a COMEBACK, CAMP!

We have had great success with our athlete groups over the past few weeks and are hoping to hit the ground running for all of our adult and youth groups as everyone feels ready to get rolling. We will be offering a modified schedule of our usual classes for adults and youth as well as new Virtual Live classes for those who are not ready to head inside.

The 6 Week Comeback Camp will take you through a coached progression of our core foundational adult classes as we work to help get everyone moving well again, every day. Please visit the Move365 Comeback Camps Page for more details.

Efficient movement is the root of athletic excellence. It is also the key to optimal health, fitness and performance.

We MOVE from the ground up. We create movement from the inside out. We MOVE based on learned (and unlearned) motor patterns, not muscle contractions. No matter how fast, strong or fit you are, if there are flaws in these motor patterns, they can lead to poor performance or potential injury.

At move365 we want to build better movers, better athletes and better performers not just harder workers. We are here to teach and refine movement, to inspire people to MOVE, to coach them to MOVE better, and motivate them to MOVE, every dayThis is the basis of our brand, our name and our overall driving philosophy.

Our Adult Small Group programs are based on the science of biomechanics & human physiology with a coaching focus that puts the emphasis on YOU; to help you MOVE better, to coach you to LIFT with proper technique, to challenge you to become more athletic, and inspire you to LEARN more about the how and why of improving your HEALTH, FITNESS & PERFORMANCE. Now is the perfect time to JOIN the MOVEment at move365!

#Move Faster • #Move Stronger • #MoveBetter • #MoveEveryday

FORCE Strength & Conditioning

FORCE Strength & Conditioning

Adult, Athletic Movement, Group Training, Muscle Gain, Strength
60-75 mins
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FUNCTION Fitness, Strength & Movement Training

FUNCTION Fitness, Strength & Movement Training

Adult, Athletic Movement, Endurance, Group Training, Physical Literacy, Strength
60-75 minutes
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FUSION Fitness Training

FUSION Fitness Training

Adult, Athletic Movement, Endurance, Group Training, HIIT, Physical Literacy, Strength
60- 75 minutes
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Move Better, Play Better this Spring!

Join the Movement with 2 Weeks of FREE UNLIMITED Small Group Classes 

Purchase 24+ Personal Training sessions & receive a 30 min HOLISTIC Nutrition Assessment FREE


10% off for 2 family members; 50% OFF for 3rd family and beyond for all small group programs

ANNUAL, SEASONAL & MONTHLY Payment options available

Go UNLIMITED and save $ per session when you train 3x or more per week!

Customize YOUR Training

We can build your program around your schedule (games, practices, travel, etc.)


Spring Session April 6th - June 28th START ANYTIME!
1 Session Per Week
75 Minutes
Per Session
2 Sessions Per Week
150 Minutes
Per Session
3 Sessions Per Week
$54 per Week
Per Session
Unlimited Per Week
$54 per Week
Per Session
Unlimited365 Annual Membership
$195 per Month
Per Session


Sessions Run From September 3rd to December 20th

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