Personal Training

Class / All ages, Athletic Movement, Endurance, Muscle Gain, Personal Training, Physical Literacy, Strength


Available For Individual and Groups

Everyone can get better with their own Personal Coach!

Are you looking for a more personal touch for your training? Are you trying to fit a unique schedule or individual needs that do not match our current small group options? If so, Move365 Personal Training is for you. 

Our Personal Training and Custom Group Programs are designed to allow you to customize your training around your goals, your schedule and your unique needs.

Whether it is 1-on-1, PARTNER TRAINING (with a spouse, friend, sibling, or teammate), or a custom group of 3 or more people, Move365 coaches will help you MOVE better, coach you to LIFT with proper technique, challenge you to become more athletic, and inspire you to LEARN more about the how and why of improving your HEALTH, FITNESS & PERFORMANCE. 

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  • Join the MOVEment: FREE 1-on-1 MOVEment Assessment or group session: Lets us see how well you move and you can see how well we coach   
  • MOVE more; SAVE more with Personal Training Packages: 12-60 Sessions Packages Available
  • MOVE as a FAMILY & SAVE: 10% off for 2 or more family members
  • Custom Pricing available for larger groups and teams

FREE Personal Training Session

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