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06 Jun

Summer Small Group Programs July 2-Aug 31 (9 Weeks)

Elevate YOUR Game this Summer!

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”

– Henry Ward Beecher–

Please click HERE for more details on our summer ATHLETE & HOCKEY PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS

Move365 Summer Small Group Youth Programs will help you move better, move faster and move stronger, to excel in summer sports and activities, and prepare for fall & winter season. Most importantly, we will focus on building age and skill specific foundations for the years ahead.

Sessions are coached in small groups, with attention to individual needs. Each person has their own space to move, lift and learn as we aspire to inspire everyone to a lifelong appreciation for health and fitness and help them move better and perform better in their sport and/or in their daily life along the way.

All in-person sessions will take place inside our Move365 training centre, located at 104-114 Dundas Street East. The training area is complete with a turf area for movement and speed development, sled work and an active sports area with synthetic ice and a netted area for shooting pucks and LAX balls, hitting baseballs, golf balls etc.

2024 SUMMER YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS July 2pril – Aug 31 (9 Weeks)

Elevate YOUR Game this summer!


  • Tuesdays and\or Thursdays 4-5pm
  • Price – Full Summer $270 + HST
  • 2+x per week = $18/session ; 1x per week $20/session + HST
  • Packages sold in sessions packages/seasonal blocks

Kids are not just little adults, the need to learn to move properly and have some fun along the way. This is the beginning of athletic development. The FUNDAMENTAL Program focuses on developing overall athleticism, body awareness, the important elements of physical literacy, fitness & performance. We will put the FUN in Fundamental! Kids will learn how to stop & land, change direction efficiently, and build a foundation of coordination and movement efficiency through games, drills and progressions designed to build specific movement skills, help them move better, react quicker, be faster and have fun!


  • Tuesdays, Thursdays 5-6; Saturdays 12-1pm
  • Price – Full Summer Unlimited $399
  • $20\session 2-3x+/week in package of 20 or more $18/session + HST
  • Packages sold in seasonal blocks

The ESSENTIAL Athletic Development Program is the perfect opportunity for young teens to learn to train properly in order to develop all aspects of fitness, athleticism, strength, & athletic performance. The program will challenge movement skill development, and teach the key components of strength (squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull etc). EAD is also a perfect progression program to bridge the gap between the Fundamental age and the Advanced Athlete Development Program.

Please CONTACT US us to register or for more details


  • Mon/Wed/Fri 4:30-5:45 *One class in the summer. Time TBD based on best option for each family. Please let us know what you prefer 4:30-5:45 or 5-6:15
  • Saturdays 10:30-11:45am
  • Price – Full Summer Unlimited $640 + HST
  • 1-2x/week $25/; Weekly Unlimited $80/week + HST
  • Packages sold in seasonal blocks

Please CONTACT US us to register or for more details

Athletes need to continuously work to build the qualities that will help them excel in sport & maximize their training knowledge & training capacity at this crucial development age. Anyone who just wants to learn to move better, get stronger, and improve their health and fitness can also benefit in this program. The ADVANCED program is designed for athletes aged 14+ who are ready to expand their development, to build more athletic strength, explosive power, athletic movement skills, linear & multi directional speed, & more. This 75min program is designed to help each athlete elevate their training and their performance to the next level

Advanced Athlete Conditioning High School Group

Also available:

  • High Performance Athlete Training (and Custom Small Groups)
  • High Performance Team Training (and Custom Small Groups)
  • Youth Personal Training
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Injury Rehab, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy
  • New to Move365? We make it easy to start moving everyday with your First Week FREE!
  • Get Your Family moving with a 10% Discount for 2 or more

Please CONTACT US for more details on programs, schedules or to register.

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