Youth FUNDAMENTAL Fitness & Athletic Development

Class / Ages 9-11, Athletic Movement, Physical Literacy, Youth Small Groups


Coaching focus puts the emphasis on helping every kid MOVE better

The FUNDAMENTALS Athletic Development Program focuses on developing overall athleticism, body awareness, the important elements of physical literacy, fitness & performance for kids aged 9-11.

We will put the FUN in Fundamental! This will includes teaching and enhancing a variety of movement skills and an age appropriate understanding of strength movements (how to squat, lunge, hinge, push, pull etc) and core conditioning for every sport.

Kids will learn how to stop & land, change direction efficiently, and build a foundation of coordination and movement efficiency.

Then they will learn how to shift gears and GO, with more specific speed, agility, reactivity and quickness games, drills and progressions to build specific movement skills that will help them move better, react quicker, and be faster.  (9-11)

Efficient movement is the root of athletic excellence. It is also the key to optimal health, fitness and performance.

Our Youth fitness and athletic development model is based the concept of long-term development for sport and physical fitness. We want to build better movers, better athletes and better performers not just harder workers.

Development & progression in anything takes time, repetition & commitment. The Canadian model of Long-Term Development for Sport & Physical Activity centres around age and skill based progression of programming.

Our programs are built with this model in mind, creating a youth, fitness & athlete development progression designed to maximize development from the age of 9+.

With an emphasis on teaching and coaching the development of overall fitness & athleticism, move365 programs aim to help each person improve their health, fitness & performance in their sport & daily life and develop a love for moving better, every day.    

We are here to teach and refine movement, to inspire kids to MOVE, to coach them to MOVE better, and motivate them to MOVE every day.  This is the basis of our brand, our name and our overall driving philosophy.

Our Youth Fitness & Athlete Development programs are age and skill specific, based on the science of growth & development, biomechanics & physiology with a coaching focus that puts the emphasis on helping every kid MOVE better, coaching them to LIFT with proper technique, challenging them to be more athletic, inspiring them to LEARN about improving their HEALTH, FITNESS & PERFORMANCE and ensuring they have FUN along the way!    

#Move Faster • #Move Stronger • #MoveBetter • #MoveEveryday

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We will put the FUN in Fundamental!