The MOVE365 Story


We began our journey as TWIST in Whitby in 2008 focusing on athlete and team development. We quickly broadened our fofels who wanted more than a typical gym or health club option. In September of 2019 we re-branded to Move365 to help motivate more people move, every day.

Over the past 11 years we have evolved our team, our philosophies and our services to help as many people as possible with their health, fitness and performance needs. We have decided to branch off on our own by creating our own brand, our own identity and plotting a new course to help people in Durham Region move better and perform better every day.

MOVE365 is based on the core concept that movement is the root of athletic excellence. It is also the key to optimal health, fitness and performance.

We move from the ground up. We create movement from the inside out. We move based on learned (and unlearned) motor patterns, not muscle contractions. No matter how fast, how strong or how fit you are, if there are flaws in these motor patterns, inefficiencies or dysfunction anywhere on the movement spectrum can lead to poor performance or potential injury.

We are not just in the athlete training business, we are in the movement coaching business. We want to build better movers, better athletes and better performers in sport and in life. We are here to teach and refine movement, to inspire people to move, to coach them to move better, and motivate them to move, every day.



We’ve opted to go with a bold but modern logo approach. I think this places us with a broader range of clients from elite athletes to the average person who wants to improve. The design reflects the modern approach to what we are; not a typical gym, not a place just for athletes, but a place to get better. We are a fitness, health and performance destination where elite coaching and related services are available to help everyone reach their goals.

EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE is intended to capture the commitment necessary for people to perform better in their sport and in their life. Making an effort and making good choices every day highlights the need for routine, commitment, proper progression and healthy habits rather than just random acts of (often too intense) exercise spurts than many people often fall into and then quickly fall out of… We want to provide the programming, coaching, health services (Holistic Nutrition, Rehab services through ESMC), knowledge and online tools (coming soon) to help people stay on task and work together to reach all of their goals.

The symbol was derived from the combination of “M” and “V” from move. When you see the symbol, it represents the mindset of movement, performance, increased heart rate and reaching your peak.

Move365 Logo Vertical

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