FUNCTION Fitness, Strength & Movement Training

Class / Adult, Athletic Movement, Endurance, Group Training, Physical Literacy, Strength


Move better, get stronger and improve your health

Functional strength & fitness is not about complicated movements & circus tricks, it is about finding ways to move better, get stronger and improve your health and fitness to the level you need in your daily life. It is squatting and lunging and pushing and pulling.

It is running and jumping and changing direction. It is challenging, purposeful and fun! Our Coaches will lead you through all aspects of FUNCTIONAL FITNESS including mobility, stability & balance, multi-directional athletic movement, whole-body strength, core conditioning, aerobic/anaerobic energy system development.

It is designed to improve your overall health & fitness, help you meet your athletic goals and create a body that functions effectively for the daily demands of your life. 

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Functional Fitness and Athletic style training for grown-ups!