Movement is the root of athletic excellence. It is also the key to optimal health, fitness and performance. No matter how fast, how strong or how fit you are, if there are flaws in your movement patterns, inefficiencies or dysfunction anywhere on the movement spectrum, it can lead to poor performance in your sport or your life, or to potential injury. We want to build better movers, better athletes and better performers. We are here to teach and refine movement, to inspire people to move, to coach them to move better, and motivate them to move every day.


Flexible pricing options and training times
Our Youth fitness and athletic development model is based the concept of long-term development for sport and physical fitness. We want to build better movers, better athletes and better performers. We are here to inspire kids to MOVE, to coach them to MOVE better, and motivate them to MOVE every day.


High-intensity workouts for athletes
Teams that MOVE together, improve together. move365 Team training programs are coached with a long-term development focus in mind. Whether the goal is in-season performance readiness, injury prevention, helping athletes peak for playoffs, or a full off-season preparation program, we can help.


Flexible Weekly Schedule
Our Adult Small Group sessions are based on the science of biomechanics & human physiology with a coaching focus that puts the emphasis on YOU; to help you MOVE better, to challenge you to become more athletic and inspire you to improve your HEALTH, FITNESS & PERFORMANCE.


Work Out One-on-One With Our Fitness Experts
Our Personal Training and Custom Group Programs are designed to allow you to customize your training around your goals, your schedule and your unique needs. Whether it is 1-on-1, PARTNER TRAINING with a spouse, friend, sibling, or teammate, or a custom group of 3 or more people, move365 coaches will help you MOVE better

Holistic Nutrition

We believe training is only part of the solution to improving your health and fitness and maximizing your performance in your sport and your daily life. Holistic Nutrition is designed to help you learn, understand and apply a more comprehensive approach to eating that helps support the demands of your sport, your training program and whatever challenges life throws at you.

Holistic Nutritionist Tina R. Ward will explore not only the food you need to fuel performance but also what specific nutrients you need to function & RECOVER at an optimal level. Are you committed to your Nutrition?

Set up a complimentary consult with Tina today! 

Elite Sports Medicine and Conditioning

Rehabilitation Services

Move365 is proud to be partnered with Elite Sports Medicine and Conditioning and to have their Rehabilitation Services available here at move365.

ESMC is led by former Oshawa Generals Athletic Therapist Matthew Leech (MSc, CAT(C), CSCS). Matt is an Athletic Therapist with a primary focus of helping athletic people stay active.

Matt and his team at Elite Sports Medicine and Conditioning helps athletes recovery from the effects of playing sports such as hockey, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, football, baseball, extreme sports and other physical activities including everyday life.