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When we re-branded in 2019 as Move365, we had no idea a pandemic would be hot on our heels. In retrospect, the focus on moving every day and focussing on our individual mental and physical health was perfect timing for the Durham Region priority #1 for everyone.

Now that we have come out on the other side we want to expand our focus once again to a more specific and advanced Performance program that helps elevate all Durham Region High Performance athletes. Introducing FORCE ATHLETE PERFORMANCE. A new hyper-focussed training brand specializing in athlete development & sport specific performance.

Our mission is to provide cutting edg e strength and conditioning programs that facilitate holistic athlete development.

Every athlete is unique and should be treated on an individual level. Attention to detail and identifying strengths and weaknesses are paramount to the success of physical training programs. We honour this concept by ensuring our programs are specifically tailored to athlete needs and the overall demands of their sport.  

Our goal is to provide a high performance environment that challenges athletes to reach their maximum potential and athletic excellence. Whether you’re an aspiring young athlete with big dreams or a professional athlete looking for that extra edge, we are ready to coach you to the next level.  

Our Why

It’s simple; We care about the development of athletes starting at grassroots levels and providing them with the foundations that will take them to peak performance. Our vision is to create a positive culture that will enhance the character and resiliency of each individual athlete and will strive to encourage personal development within each training session.

Force Athlete Development is led by Move365 Director of Performance, Steve Giovannini. With 15+ years of athlete training experience, Steve leads our high performance hockey training (both on and off-ice) programs and works directly with sports teams to facilitate team training initiatives. Steve has directly worked with grassroots level athletes all the way up to professional athletes across different sport disciplines. His niche remains hockey specific training (despite his proven ability to train athletes across all sports). Steve is also is a AAA hockey coach. Contact Coach Gio HERE  

Better Has no Off-Season!

Everyone has different goals, personal needs and unique schedules throughout the off-season. We can work with you to come up with a plan that fits YOUR needs, addresses your goals, and fits your schedule.

We strive to focus on individual needs, even within a small group training environment. This means customizing specific training paremetres, adjusting for specific injury issues, or coming up with a schedule that adjusts around other camps and pre-season programs, vacation time or, most importantly specific individual development needs.

Spring Hockey Strength & Conditioning Foundations

Until June 30 – Start anytime!

Summer High Performance Hockey Strength & Conditioning

July 2 – Aug 30 *Customize your off-season and start/finish anytime
Stronger IS Better

Spring Hockey Foundations Off-Ice Strength & Conditioning May 6 – June 30th *start anytime

The Spring Hockey Foundations sessions will help each player re-set their athletic engines following the season. Spring is the perfect time to build a progression of mobility, stability, athleticism, strength and energy system conditioning to set each player up for the demands of more dynamic, complex and intensive summer training on and off the ice.

Spring Hockey Development Groups, Pricing & Schedules


  • Tuesdays and\or Thursdays 4-5pm
  • Full Program $275 + HST *click below to register
  • Weekly Rate – $40/week + HST
  • Per Session Price – 1x per week = $20/session+ HST
  • Packages sold in sessions packages/seasonal blocks


  • Tuesdays, Thursdays 5-6Saturdays 12-1pm
  • Full Program = $425 + HST *click below to register
  • Weekly Rate $60/week
  • Price – 1-2x/week $20\session + HST
  • Packages sold in session packages or seasonal blocks


  • 4 x 75 min session: Mon/Wed/Fri 3:45-5pm and 5-6:15pm; Saturdays 10:30-11:45am
  • Full Program = $640 + HST *Click below to register
  • Full Spring & Summer (16 weeks) $1790 + HST (Save $250)
  • Spring Weekly Rate $100/week + HST
  • Price – 1-2x/week $25/session+ HST
  • Packages sold in session packages or seasonal blocks

OHL/College/Pro Group 4×90 min sessions Times TBC

  • May 6 – June 30 (8 Weeks) 4 x 90min sessions/week Times TBC
  • Included Performance Nutrition seminars and weekly check-in meetings
  • Included Performance Prevention weekly access to Athletic Therapy
  • Full Spring Only $840 + HST
  • Spring Weekly $120 + HST
  • Full Spring & Summer (16 weeks) $2000 + HST (Save $250)
  • Full Summer Only $1400 + HST
  • Weekly Summer $200/week

Also Available

  • Customized Personal Training and Partner Training
  • Small Custom Groups
  • Performance Nutrition Packages

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Let us help you customize your off-season program. Tell us what YOU need and we will work with you to make it work for you.

Summer High Performance Hockey Strength & Conditioning

The summer offers the perfect combination of time and opportunity to prepare players for the season.

It is essential to plan carefully, prepare properly, and follow a purposeful, progressive program coached by experienced team of strength & conditioning and hockey specialists and led by Coach Steve Giovannini and FORCE PERFORMANCE.

Lateral Cross-Under Lunge

Our goal is to ensure every athlete gets to the season healthy, ready to perform at a high level and stays that way throughout this unique season.

Legs Feed the Wolf!

The SUMMER FORCE ATHLETE Performance Program is much more than just strength training, it is a fully coached, progressive program designed to help each player improve all aspects of hockey performance including strength & conditioning, speed, agility and quickness focused athletic development, performance nutrition as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Head of Hockey Development, Coach Steve Giovannini has a passion for hockey that is un-precedented and his experience coaching on the ice and in the weight room will be a huge asset to every athlete.  

Lateral Mobility & Strength on the Synthetic Ice

Summer Hockey Performance Programs will focus on developing and enhancing:

  • Stability/mobility (hips, shoulders and core focus)
  • Athletic Development (speed, agility, reactivity, change of direction….) 
  • Athletic Strength & Explosive Power    
  • Shift specific energy system development (skill execution under fatigue)
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Performance Injury Prevention and Rehabilitiation

Horizontal Strength, Power Production & Work Capacity

Summer High Performance Hockey Program

Summer Hockey Performance Groups

  • Pro/College/Junior Elite
  • U15-U18
  • U13-U14
  • U11/12
  • U9/10


  • OHL/College/Pro Group A 7:30-9am Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
  • OHL/College/Pro Group B 10-11:30am Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
  • U13-U14 Mon, Wed, Fri 12-1:15pm (75 min sessions)*
  • U15-U18 Group A 1:30-3pm Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri
  • U11-U12 Mon/Wed 3-4pm (2×60 min sessions)*
  • U9-U10 Tues/Thurs 3-4pm (60 min sessions)*
  • *Evening Groups also available for ages 9-11, 12-13 and 14-18 in our Athlete Development groups.  

Elevate Your Summer Performance

  • Performance Nurtition Package (assessment, meal planning, nutritional coaching)
  • Performance Prevention Package (injury prevention assessment, post-workout treatments)

All Hockey Performance sessions are coached in small groups, with attention to individual needs.

Full Summer S & C Rates (training only) July 2 – Aug 23rd

  • OHL/College/Pro Group – Full Summer Only $1400 + HST
  • OHL/College/Pro Group – Full Spring & Summer $2000 + HST (Save $250)
  • U15-U18 – Full Summer Only $1000 + HST
  • U13-U14 – $600 + HST (3×75 min sessions)*
  • U11-U12 $400 + HST (2×60 min sessions)*
  • U9-U10 $400 (2x 60 min session)

Weekly Rates*

Weekly Summer HKY Strength & Conditioning

  • OHL/College/Pro (4x 90 mins per week) = $160/week + HST
  • U18 (4x 90 mins per week) = $140/week + HST
  • U13/U14 3 x 75 min = $90/week
  • U11/U12 2 x 60 min = $50/week
  • U9/U10 2 x 60 min = $50/week

Customize Your Off-Season – Weekly rates will be adjusted for 3+ weeks.

*Family Rate available at 10% discount for same family

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This is not a hockey camp, it is Hockey Development!

Also available:

  • High Performance Athlete Training (and Custom Small Groups)
  • High Performance Team Training (and Custom Small Groups)
  • Youth Personal Training and Small Group Programs
  • Holistic Nutritional workshops & nutritional coaching DETAILS HERE
  • Injury Rehab, Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, & Massage with ESMC

Please CONTACT US for more details on programs, schedules or to register.

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