Online Team or Custom Group

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Bring the Coach to you with MOVE365 Online Training

It is often difficult to get a team or group together for extra training but now you can bring the coach to you with MOVE365 Online.

This can work in addition to in-house Team Training Programs at MOVE365 OR on its own.  


This plan offers sport specific programming based on team goals. It is easy for players to follow and the next best thing to having a coach with you. Includes:

  • Team programming based team needs assessment
  • Monthly programs with 2-3 workouts per week
  • Team Dynamic Warm-Ups and accessory drills
  • Direct program access via the MOVE365 Online APP, website or old school printouts
  • Text and video demonstrations of all exercises

This is ideal for your team if:

  • You want to take your Team training to the next level with specific programming 
  • You want to supplement and/or enhance your team training program away from MOVE365
  • You want to maximize the value of the team budget

$80/month per team + HST *minimum 3 month commitment to help you get better

FREE Team Trial Session

Let players experience move365 coaching for themselves